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What We Do

Executive Liquidation, Inc. specializes in decommissioning and liquidating buildings and floors of office furniture for companies and organizations that are relocating, downsizing, reorganizing, and upgrading. Our full-service professional team specializes in the purchase, installation, disassembly and removal of all types and brands of excess office furniture.

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How we work

Our priority is to satisfy our clients’ needs by working closely with them through open communication to ensure a smooth, efficient, fast, and trouble-free transaction. This communication involves phone calls, e mails, a visit to your site with a walk-through, a detailed estimate. We inform you in each stage of the project, especially if there are changes. We sometimes finish the work even before the deadline. Our communication process with the client is as follows:


The project begins with a phone call with the client in order to assess the scope of the work.

2We offer a free asset valuation of your used office furniture within 24 hrs.

3Our asset valuation specialist will conduct a walk-through, inspect the premises, take inventory, and determine the full scope of work.

4You receive a detailed estimate with a project plan, including deadlines.

5If your office furniture has value, we’ll tell you. If it doesn’t, we’ll offer you some low cost alternatives such as charitable organization donation to help your local schools and churches.
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